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Why our Weigh Cells Play an Important Role Overall

It all started with the monoblock – an important component of the Weigh Cell. Since the foundation of the WIPOTEC company in 1988, the monoblock has been the heart of our innovative dynamic weighing technology thanks to its extremely short settling times and high level of accuracy. This is also true when the daily industrial routine of the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and technology sectors is sometimes a bit rougher.

As a specialist for dynamic weighing processes and Weigh Cells, there is one thing we are not good at: Stagnation So, developing ultra-fast precision Weigh Cells is now as much one of our skills as producing them and integrating them at the premises of our global customers. They are manufactured at our German plant by the best engineers and with the highest level of vertical integration.

For us, customer satisfaction is not merely words. We can only efficiently combine the promise of the highest quality and punctual delivery with the development of customised Weigh Cells and dynamic weighing technology if all our skills are under one roof. For this reason, all departments at our parent works in Kaiserslautern work together in an interdisciplinary manner and, thanks to an 85% level of vertical integration, they guarantee the best and fastest results in the design and production of dynamic weighing technology and in our Weigh Cells.

Under the "Application Reports" heading, you will find several reports that are well worth reading which provide examples of how our customers use our Weigh Cells. It is this special value chain that ends in innovative strength for you, our global customers, and provides you with Weigh Cells for dynamic applications par excellence.

But that's not all: we ensure that we are meeting our own high standards. Because we had and have one goal: The creation of innovative product and integration solutions in the form of Weigh Cells and dynamic weighing technology, and the creation of a working environment that is more human- and environment-friendly than ever. This is why we heat our buildings with geothermal energy and generate electricity via a solar park. Our building envelope has been constructed according to the passive house standard and our solar panels also operate an absorption chiller system.

The fact that we provide a day care centre for the children and a fitness studio for the adults says a lot about our quality as employers within the WIPOTEC Group and our awareness that creative power only thrives where people feel comfortable and secure.

So when will we get to know each other?

What Tells You More About Us Than a List of Customers?

Sustainable – but of course!

This has always been a given for us so we don't intend to make a big song and dance about it. All we will say is this: we have always followed up our ideas with action. So, around 70% of the production site's requirements are supplied from its own alternative energy sources such as solar (own solar park). For example, we heat almost 18,000 square metres of floors with geothermal energy from a geothermal energy plant that we operate on our company site. In the summer, this same system ensures optimum operating temperatures and cools down the office buildings and production halls. And we are as ambitious now as when we started out. Over the coming years, our aim is to achieve complete self-sufficiency.

E-mobility – shared happiness

We think that e-mobility is still used far too rarely. For this reason, we extended our fleet of vehicles by a station with two charging bays and of course the appropriate vehicle – a Smart car. Supplied with renewable electricity from our nearby solar park, it takes our colleagues quietly from A to B. And because we think that shared happiness is twice the happiness, we have also provided the University of Kaiserslautern with an electric vehicle too. We believe that if we are already doing research together on the topic of e-mobility, then everyone should start on the same footing.


A big heart for technology – and children!

We are proud that since 2014 we have had the first company-owned day care center for children in Kaiserslautern. For us, social responsibility is not just a buzzword but something that we should put into practice. A total of 48 children, including ten children under three and eight children with disabilities, visit the inclusive day care centre and are cared for professionally. Our commitment, however, does not stop at very young children: we also like to participate in charitable and community-supported sports events and we support educational projects in schools and universities. Is WIPOTEC on your list of favourite employers? Then just take a look at all the things we can do for your offspring in our day care center. This way.

Talent promotion – of course!

As a medium-sized company, we are particularly interested in the next generation. Our "WIPOTEC Talents" programme incorporates regional commitment to the promotion of talent: whether that means exclusive sponsorship of the U19 Bundesliga performance squad “Team WIPOTEC” of the Cycling Federation of the Rhineland-Palatinate, or providing gifted students with grants as part of the Deutschlandstipendium, a National Scholarship Programme, and the financing of MINT school programmes. It's a cause close to all our hearts. And if it increases the number of people who become enthusiastic about maths (M), IT (I), natural sciences (N) and technology (T), then in our eyes it's the best way to attract young people. Has this made you curious? Then just take a look at the specially created information area.

Vertical Integration

Everything from a single source – from start to finish

We can reliably promise you no more but also no less than 85% vertical integration. For you, this means both first-class quality and the best technologies from a single source. As a company, you will benefit long-term from the high level of vertical integration which we guarantee in all areas of design, engineering and production. To do this, we have designed the value chain in such a way that software and hardware development work side by side and basic research, development and project planning can be good sparring partners. By the way, we design and build more than 350 electronic printed board assemblies in-house. A figure that we are just as proud of as the fact that we also offer industrial controllers and proprietary PCs and displays. Believe it or not, our employees produce 9,000 different components in-house – including no fewer than 40 different types of monoblocks. Our customers appreciate our level of vertical integration as evidenced by many positive reports on successfully implemented projects. There's one thing we know for sure: the future always needs a past and ours is undoubtedly rooted in the monoblock.