High precision is our middle name

In the beginning was... the monoblock

WIPOTEC GmbH is the leading innovator and internationally recognized system provider for the integration of intelligent weighing technology.

More than 25 years ago our company developed the monoblock, the heart of modern weighcells, and made highly precise weighing technology suitable for industrial applications. The monoblock provides highest precision combined with shortest settling times and guarantees reliable weighing in rough industrial environments.

Our core business is the development, production and integration of ultra-fast precision weighcells and high tech weighing systems for high speed applications.

We put special emphasis on the independent development of all necessary technology and core competencies.

This objective enables us to operate at short notice and to provide individual solutions for our customers.

Customer service is a crucial part of our philosophy!

Our Mission – Actions guided by principles

Our Partners

The open, honest, and respectful dialog with our partners and the full satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities.

Our Team

Highly motivated and dedicated employees are the company's greatest asset.
A cooperative attitude and self-initiative is essential to the success of the company. Together, we create a positive operating environment based on mutual trust.

Our Values

Our basic premise is to always aim for the optimum target regarding occupational safety and environmental protection. We have a special responsibility to our staff and the region to ensure, both economically and ecologically, that continuous business development is soundly anchored.
Our global commitment is to human rights and the relevant national values and standards.

Our Customers

As an innovative high-tech enterprise we supply our customers around the world with customized applications in the field of static and dynamic product inspection with the ultimate goal of further increasing consumer protection through improved product quality and safety systems.

Our Technology

WIPOTEC as a technology leader in the field of dynamic weighing is committed to continuously expand its market position.

Everything from a single source

One stop sourcing with perfect integration

As a leading, innovative high-tech company, we develop and manufacture leading edge products. Equipped with an optimal technical infrastructure, we always accept challenging requirements from our customers and always provide them the appropriate custom applications. As a technology leader in the field of high ...

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Wipotec repects its responsibility to environmental protection at all times

Striving for the highest possible standard in environmental protection is an integral part of the Wipotec mission. It goes without saying that environmental awareness is part of every employee’s job when performing daily tasks and is inseparably ...

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