Weighing Principle

The basis of the rapid and exact working method of our Weigh Cells is the Principle of Electro Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR).

The basic principle is comparable to a simple beam balance. The weight is laid on one side of the beam (coil arm). The result is that the coil attached to the other side of the beam tries to move out of the magnetic field of the magnet.

A zero indicator (photoelectric beam) recognizes any minimal deviation, and immediately so much current is sent through the coil via an electrical regulator circuit that the balance beam hardly moves and remains in its neutral position. The deviation occurring is merely a matter of a few nanometres, quite in contrast to movement-dependent measuring processes such as with strain gauge. The force imposed on the system by the weight is compensated for by the current through the coil.

The current is proportional to the force and is measured by a measurement resistor, transformed into a digital signal by an analogue-digital converter and further processed in a signal processing system.

AVC compensates up to 100% of the disturbances

On request, Wipotec Weigh Cells can be fitted with AVC Technology (Active Vibration Compensation).

AVC provides the foundation for accurate and instantaneous weight measurements even at sites that are subject to external disturbance sources (vibrations from machinery or local conditions). And, it does this without any loss in quality in terms of accuracy and throughput.

Our weighing principle in motion pictures

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