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Weigh Cell

The SL-M-FS Weigh Cell series covers a weighing range up to 1,000 g. Thanks to a wide variety of different interfaces the Weigh Cells can communicate with all control systems on the market. From a weighing perspective, the electronics are installed in a separate housing. This prevents a build-up of heat which is particularly detrimental to fast, high-precision weighing, particularly in multilane applications. It also means that there is no need for complex cooling.


As an alternative to the electronic box, the Weigh Cell can also be operated on MMS2 system components (MMS2 = Modular Multilane System). These components are designed in protection class IP65 and there is no need for an additional control cabinet. AVC (Active Vibration Compensation) can also be used in combination with MMS2.

The Wash Down option is now also available for the aluminum version of the Weigh Cell. This provides convenient connection of a common hygienic cover, particularly in the case of multilane applications.

In the load output area, the patented design enables easy assembly/disassembly with guaranteed tightness. All versions now also include the Self Check option. An internal test weight can be used at any time to check that the Weigh Cell is working properly, e.g. during a batch change under clean room conditions.

The Weigh Cells are available in different versions for a wide range of requirements:

Stainless steel version:

  • With Wash Down and Self Check option
  • The installation height is 112 mm

Aluminum version:

  • With Wash Down and Self Check option
  • With clamping ring for (secondary) hood installation
  • The installation height is 112 mm

Aluminum version:

  • With Self Check option
  • The installation height is 91 mm

Details on MMS2 are provided in a separate documentation.

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Product request

Max. weighing range (g) 1,000
Display value (g) 0.00005
Max. dead load range (g) 600
IP (protection class) 65

Technical Data


  • Weighing range up to 1.000 g, covered by 6 models
  • Additive dead load range up to 600 g
  • Very slim construction in aluminum or stainless steel housing with separate electronic box
  • Multilane applications starting from 30 mm centerline distance
  • Wash Down mode (optional)
  • Interface 1: CAN, RS 422, Profibus DP, Profinet IO, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT
  • Interface 2: RS 232 for service and configuration
  • Sampling rate: 1 ms
  • Self Check (internal test weight)
  • MMS capable (Modular Multilane System)
  • Fitting holes to support mounting in aluminum version


9: Stainless steel housing

10: RS 422 instead of CAN interface

11: Bus operation (standard)

12: Higher display resolution

13: Binary I/O channels (standard)

14: Filling algorithm

25: Dead load compensation

29: Wash Down mode IP65 (with aluminum version only in combination with customers provided housing/stainless steel cover)

34: Interface connection at the bottom for separate electronic (standard with stainless steel housing)

35: Profibus DP instead of CAN interface

36: Ethernet/IP instead of CAN interface

37: Profinet IO instead of CAN interface

38: EtherCAT instead of CAN interface

39: Powerlink (only for MMS)

40: Mounting flange bottom (only with aluminum version)

41: Mounting flange top (only with aluminum version)

44: Self Check (internal test weight)

To be used in

  • Filling and packaging machines
  • Custom machine engineering
  • Multilane weighing systems
  • In-Process control applications
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place)

Selectable versions

  1. Load output 
    housing options
  2. Electrical connection
    plug position
    cabel versions
  3. Installation
    housing bottom
    mounting flange bottom

Model of SL-M-FS Series

Type Weighing Range Load Range Display Value
SL-M 20/50-FS 20 g 50 g 0.00005 g
SL-M 50/50-FS 50 g 50 g 0.0001 g
SL-M 100/150-FS 100 g 150 g 0.0002 g
SL-M 250/300-FS 250 g 300 g 0.0005 g
SL-M 500/300-FS 500 g 300 g 0.001 g
SL-M 1000/600-FS 1000 g 600 g 0.002 g