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Entry to e-mobility

One electric vehicle for the company’s fleet, another for Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences.

WIPOTEC supports a joint research project with Kaiserslautern University on e-mobility and donates an electric vehicle.

Our own filling station on the company site? Now, anyone arriving by electric vehicle can also refuel with green electricity at WIPOTEC. A station with two charging bays was recently installed at the West Gate while an electric vehicle was added to the WIPOTEC fleet at the same time. The renewable electricity which is available at the charging points comes from the nearby Hölzengraben solar park. Following completion of the geothermal plant, the company is now making a further contribution to the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions by using renewable energy.

WIPOTEC also donated an electric vehicle to the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences. The background to this is a joint research project on e-mobility. The donated car is used as a test vehicle in the study. The project investigates the interaction between feeding domestic photovoltaic electricity into the grid and simultaneously charging an electric vehicle at work.

It’s not only the company vehicle that refuels with solar electricity, the central WIPOTEC production facility in Kaiserslautern is also connected to a solar power plant. The company has invested in local solar technology and is now benefitting from cheap solar electricity across the entire site.

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