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Falsified Medicines Directive: OCS Checkweighers in the early lead

About for 400 representatives from pharmaceutical companies, drug wholesalers, pharmacists and their national and international associations participated in a 2-day info-event held in Frankfurt am Main that focused on the content of the Falsified Medicines Directive. The safety initiative was sponsored by securPharm to inform attendees about the implementation status of the European Directive.

OCS Checkweighers has been developing the securPharm project since early 2011. Volker Ditscher, Business Manager Track & Trace at OCS, explained how this early cooperation with securPharm has given OCS Checkweighers a head start, which now benefits all its customers.

The experts all agreed with representatives of the EU Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Health that the requirements set down in the Directive represent a special challenge for all players involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The most sensitive feature in the new security process is considered to be the serial number management in combination with basic measures to prevent manipulation (tamper-evident). Volker Ditscher added: "The whole point of the project is to be able to verify the authenticity of medicines at the pharmacy.

"The so called delegated act, which the Commission expects to publish this year, will specify the technical and organizational changes required for the implementation of European Directive 2011/62/EU protecting patients from falsified medicines. Currently, the statutory text is being translated into several EU languages and the subsequent, very complex process of legal review is moving along at full speed.

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