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PackIL: new partner for Israeli Food and non-Pharma industry

WIPOTEC will work with PackIL in the Israeli market starting mid-February

Effective February, 15th 2019 WIPOTEC-OCS started a cooperation with PackIL, an Israel-based company. Mr. Guy Loewenstein, Managing Director of PackIL, together with his team will support Israeli customers with knowledge and expertise of WIPOTEC-OCS product inspection solutions such as checkweighers, X-ray scanners and metal detectors. Having more than 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, Mr. Loewenstein is best-equipped to provide excellent technical service to the Israeli market.


Contact details

PackIL 2018 LTD

15 Tarschischer Industriepark St.

Caesarea 3079560



Herr Guy Loewenstein

Telefon: +972 (54) 4497725

E-Mail: guy(at)

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