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The Global Dialogue is hosting its second Seafood Trackathon of 2019

GDST Cologne Trackathon, 21-22 October 2019

Do you know what is in your fish stick? Was that salmon caught in Alaska and processed in China? Do you know the story of how your tuna was caught, canned and then made its way to your dinner table? The Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability and its members (commercial fisherman, processors, and retailers) are shifting the market towards traceability systems that enable tracking seafood from vessel to plate. Interoperable traceability will mean we know when, where, how and by whom the seafood we consume is caught, processed and shipped. WIPOTEC will support the initiative with the expertise in designing technical solutions to capture data, creative ways to share that data, and strategies to convert data seamlessly. Ultimately, the goal is to make progress towards connecting the seafood industry to make sure we can answer these questions accurately in the future. Interoperability requires communication between and among seafood companies, retailers, brokers, processors and IT system providers that support them.

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Seafood Trackathon of 2019
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