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Track & Trace World Premiere at the SAP Leonardo Center Singapore

Serialization and Aggregation Application within a Manufacturing Facility

On July 17 2019, more than 40 attendees visited the SAP Leonardo Center in Singapore to attend a Track & Trace World Premiere. SAP, Movilitas and WIPOTEC-OCS welcomed visitors with the theme "Best Practices in Pharma Serialization and how to convey global Track & Trace expertise to other industries. Making use of IoT technologies in industry sectors like cosmetics, chemicals or food is key to optimizing your supply chain."

WIPOTEC-OCS demonstrated an aggregation line by printing unique serial numbers on production packages with serial numbers delivered to the machine over a network by SAP ATTP (L4) via the Movilitas.Cloud (L3). When a production batch was complete, the order data was sent back via the Movilitas.Cloud to SAP ATTP and linked with an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and Blockchain module from SAP. This L1-L5 demonstration showcase is available to visitors from diverse industries in the Asia-Pacific region. The OEE and Blockchain innovations will be very useful for preventive maintenance and linking end users to the lifecycle of products throughout the supply chain.

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