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We must renew our commitment every day."

Theo Düppre honored with state Medal of Economic Merit

Economics Minister Eveline Lemke presented the Rhineland-Palatinate Medal of Economic Merit to Wipotec boss Theo Düppre on 18th November. The minister praised Düppre's outstanding entrepreneurial achievements and equated the award with the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.

Managing director Udo Wagner welcomed the workforce and prominent politicians and, in his speech, said that from the day they first met almost thirty years ago to their current partnership, he has always looked up to Düppre (which he explained does not refer only to the difference in body height). Theo Düppre exemplifies forward-looking, integrated, and creative thinking and at the decisive moment for success, he adds the necessary dose of persistence to the equation. Udo Wagner referred to Theo Düppre as a synonym for drive and progress as he wished him continued health and enthusiasm in all future endeavors.

The concept behind Wipotec is "quite extraordinary"

Kaiserslautern's Lord Mayor, Klaus Weichel officially congratulated the winner in his remarks which, in particular, highlighted the pace of the plant expansions to date. The new Wipotec building license applications, according to Weichel, came one after the other at such a pace that the city building authority nearly got behind in the approval process. Wipotec is an outstanding regional employer that ensures capital investments always "stay in the region," said the mayor.

The state economics minister Eveline Lemke presented the prestigious award to Theo Düppre and in her closing remarks included much praise and emotion. What Wipotec has accomplished is "quite extraordinary." Lemke spoke with such enthusiasm about the overall Wipotec concept and in praising the workforce, which is always the measure of success, she observed what all others present in the room already knew: "You have a great boss!"

"Can-do" attitude as the foundation for success

The final words of the official ceremony were reserved for the honoree. Theo Düppre first thanked his wife Margit for four decades of active support and constructive criticism and then his university mentor Professor Heinlein, especially for his free-spirited perspective on things. He also expressed his appreciation to Wipotec executive Udo Wagner as well as to the entire workforce at Wipotec and OCS Checkweighers, whose efforts have all earned this medal. "Our markets demand that we perform successfully every day. In this respect, your commitment and your can-do attitude are the foundation for our success," declared Theo Düppre. The chief executive briefly outlined the current, successful business situation with a job increase of 30% and concluded his speech with the highlight of the business year 2014, the opening of the kindergarten. The award winner used his poetic license to put one of his greatest hopes into words: "May the Wipotec-Kids of today be the Wipotec-Wizards of the future."

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