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WIPOTEC is now authorised for reverification in the Netherlands

Erkende-Keurder certificate for Wipotec GmbH

WIPOTEC GmbH and its subsidiary WIPOTEC-OCS GmbH market scales that may be used throughout the EU in legal for trade applications. While placing on the market is uniformly regulated throughout Europe in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive, subsequent reverification is subject to national regulations.

In Germany, automatic checkweighers have to be verificated by the competent weights and measures office once a year. Different regulations apply in the Netherlands. After placing on the market , there is no periodic verification of legal for trade scales; this only takes place when necessary, such as after a repair.

Article 11 of the Dutch Metrology Act permits manufacturers of scales to have themselves certified to carry out reverification in the Netherlands. WIPOTEC GmbH and its subsidiary WIPOTEC-OCS GmbH, with its branch office in Almere, have now received this certification.

The recent certification means that automatic WIPOTEC-OCS scales can now be reverificated within the framework of the Dutch Metrology Act by its own specially authorised service staff.

The advantage of the authorisation for WIPOTEC’s Dutch customers is that after WIPOTEC has carried out a repair they can simply continue producing within their legal for trade applications without any further delay.

Erkende-Keurder certificate for Wipotec GmbH
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