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WIPOTEC rescues Barbarossa tour

The WIPOTEC Group will provide the city with the 15,000 euros it still needs to implement the “Take a digital walk in Barbarossa’s footsteps” tourism project.

Theo Düppre, CEO of WIPOTEC, made the offer to Mayor Klaus Weichel on Friday evening. The municipal leader said, “This is a fantastic offer which, of course, we will gladly accept. It means there’s nothing to stop us now from applying for funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. I’d like to offer WIPOTEC and Theo Düppre my sincere thanks for helping us out so quickly and easily. At the same time, I’d like to stress that we really shouldn’t take it for granted. It’s not acceptable that we can only support projects like this with the help of sponsors. This is a matter for the Supervision and Services Directorate!” 

In February, the project won the municipal tourist information department the special prize for digitalisation in the competition “Tourism with a city profile in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate” run by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The prize includes 90 percent funding of the project costs amounting to 150,000 euros. The voluntary service sector, which is strictly capped by the state, would have had to process the remaining sum had the city undertaken to provide it. As a result, Mayor Klaus Weichel had announced last week that he did not want to apply for funding, as the city did not consider itself able to deliver the justifications regarding financing of the remaining sum which are required by the state department that supervises local authorities. 

Theo Düppre, founder of the WIPOTEC Group, added, “I know what difficulties the mayor and the city sometimes face. And because the project is close to my heart, I wanted to contribute to its success in the simplest way possible. Augmented Reality is an innovative way of getting to know our city. At WIPOTEC, we are committed to innovation. So it was obvious that I immediately felt drawn to respond.”
The WIPOTEC Group is a leading global provider of intelligent weighing and inspection technology. Founded in 1988 in a small office on the Messeplatz, the company, now based in the Hertelsbrunnenring, employs more than 1,000 staff in ten branches around the world.

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