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Weigh Cell Technology in Industry – as Precise as it is Easy

Weighing chemical substances requires precise weighing results for reasons of both quality and safety. If these two topics are also high on the relevance agenda in your company, we can do a lot for you with our Weigh Cells, Modular Multilane Systems and Weighing Kits. It makes no difference whether the Weigh Cells are part of your chemical production of filling processes or are used in the packaging of construction materials or minerals.

Manufactured with the highest level of vertical integration at our plant in Kaiserslautern, our explosion proof series of precision Weigh Cells are optimized for sensitive applications in chemical environments. 

Our SW-D-FS-EX type Weigh Cells weigh your substances up to a weight of 2000 g safely and with high performance. The system-inherent active self-damping guarantees you the shortest possible measuring times while maintaining high resolution – aspects that have a positive effect on the quality and safety of your processes. Keyword safety: We meet your high safety requirements with ignition protection types II 3 G Ex nA IIB T4 and II 3 D Ex tD IP54 100 °C.

Our Weigh Cell Technology: Small and Compact

The fact that we have designed the Weigh Cells to be small and compact as sensor components allows them to be used as a Modular Multilane System and guarantees you maximum flexibility.  

A further advantage: Thanks to specially designed Weigh Cells, we can also integrate them in production environments of zone 2 (gas) and zone 22 (environments with non-conductive dust). The special feature here is that both integration and maintenance are equally trouble-free. A docking station allows your engineers and service teams to remove the Weigh Cell for maintenance and cleaning work and replace it just as easily.


Connection of our Weigh Cells to the control system of your process is equally straightforward: as a ready-for-connection installation component, the Weigh Cell delivers final weight values via a CAN bus as standard immediately after commissioning. f special environmental parameters have to be taken into account in your production, these can be configured via integrated software filters and, of course, adapted according to your own specifications.

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