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The Food Industry Likes State-of-the-Art Weigh Cell Technology

In food production, nothing works without meticulous hygiene.

That includes all system components in your production, as well as the smallest components such as a Weigh Cell. We have specially adapted our Weigh Cells to the regulatory requirements of the food industry and your needs. If you are looking for Weigh Cells with which you can reliably guarantee the nominal filling quantities of your products and thus comply 100% not only with verification regulations, but also with the demands of your customers, you are making a good decision with our weighing technologies.

It is All Down to a Millisecond for You and for Us

The fact that food production and the regulated environment are familiar territory for us is demonstrated by the high level of technical expertise of our engineers when it comes to designing Weigh Cells and Weighing Kits for your filling machines or packaging lines.  

Manufactured from a monoblock, our Weigh Cells are perfectly suited for all weighing processes in food production thanks to their operating principle of electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR). Particularly when weighing your foods requires technologies with the shortest settling times and sampling rates of 1 millisecond.

Our Weigh Cells breed customer loyalty

You can also rely on our Weigh Cells in terms of hygienic design and manufacture: Without exception, we manufacture Weigh Cells and Weighing Kits with maximum vertical integration in our Kaiserslautern plant, using only high-quality materials. These are all aspects that benefit you in terms of plant safety, ensure top quality in production and thus make a significant contribution to the safety of the end users - your customers. This makes our Weigh Cell an indispensable measuring instrument for the confidence of the end users in your products and thus for customer loyalty.

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Easy to Integrate

By the way, it does not matter whether you need a single Weigh Cell, a multilane solution or a Weighing Kit for your food production: We will work together to implement the most beneficial technical solution.. This starts with classic Weigh Cells which - statically integrated for filling and batching control, for example - increase the performance of your production line. And it continues with weighing or sorting kits for your automated processes, such as dynamic weighing applications. The fact that we work as fast as we do precisely speaks for our Weigh Cell technology, as does the fact that our load cells or weighing kits can be easily connected to your control system.

Multilane solutions pay off

Depending on the location, your Weigh Cell consists of a stainless steel or aluminum housing. It is understood that we can also offer you the option of a hermetic seal and and thus IP69K protection class. Another strong argument for using our Weigh Cells in your production environment is that when using our Weigh Cells in your food production, we guarantee you the highest throughputs – even in excess of 600 pcs/min depending on the application. We respond to your individual requirements with demand-orientated modularity to guarantee tailor-made applications and exact filling results, thus reducing your total cost of ownership.