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Weigh Cell Technology in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Environment – where Safety is Essential

Weight is the ultimate benchmark for us! As the head of production at a pharmaceutical company or as the person in charge of cosmetics production, it is also very important to you. And for good reason. You want to weigh your pharmaceuticals, their ingredients or their primary and secondary packaging precisely and under the best hygienic conditions. If your high requirements also include implementing the most accurate and most reliable weighing cells in your production process and also being able to trust in the highest standards of hygiene, then choosing WIPOTEC Weigh Cells is a very safe bet. 

A Must Have for Pharmaceutical Production: High-Precision Weighing Results

Does your pharmaceutical or cosmetics production require weighing cells with the highest accuracy and at the same time an extremely high level of responsiveness? Do you also value excellent long-term stability, fast settling times and outstanding linearity in measured value acquisition? With our Weigh Cells, not only can we meet these requirements technically, we can also guarantee their use under the most stringent hygiene standards and in all classes of clean rooms.

Thanks to the high quality of our production, we can guarantee the safety of your products and in turn the safety for end users – regardless of whether they are taking medicines or using cosmetic products. 

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Nothing Shakes Us
Modular Multilane Systems Compensate Vibrations all Along the Line

Are vibrations commonplace in your daily routine production? The design of our Modular Multilane System (MMS) means that we can do a good deal to improve stability and ensure exact measured values in your routine production. On request, our Modular Multilane Systems also come with state-of-the-art Active Vibration Compensation. You benefit from this wherever you need high cycle times and exact weighing results in equal measure. You also benefit because, in the majority of cases, there is no need for a separate weigher frame when using a Modular Multilane System solution such as this. As result, you have the advantage not only of precise weighing results in an extremely efficient production environment, but also of a small footprint.

The number of lanes you install will depend entirely on your production requirements. In any case, we will provide you with the basic modules you need which can have a flexible number of slots. When selecting your EMFR Weigh Cells, you can choose between the SX-M-FS, SL-M-FS and SW-M-FS types in combination with our Modular Multilane System. To make installation as easy and efficient as possible, the electronic modules for Weigh Cells, AVC sensor, and communication are pluggable and communicate with all standard field bus systems. 

A wide range of criteria for validation

Better to be safe than sorry. To ensure an efficient process for all involved, we determine the criteria against which we should test your new Weigh Cell in advance, with you. Do you have specific interfaces that we need to take into account for smooth communication? Or are the environmental conditions under which you produce particularly challenging? Our validation takes aspects such as these into account and also checks your Weigh Cells for their linearity, the repeatability of the weighing results and their sensitivity. Among our standards as a globally established producer of Weigh Cells (EMFR) for the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and drugs is the fact that we also validate the "simple" parameters, such as balance design or cleanability of the Weigh Cell.

FDA: We are familiar with your regulations

As part of our quality management, we act strictly according to GMP guidelines when producing your Weigh Cells for the regulated environment. Your production is only as compliant as the smallest of your components – the Weigh Cell. To achieve this, all manufacturing steps – from design to production – are designed in line with GMP and represent measurable quality for both us and you. Your engineers will recognize this in the design of our Weigh Cells which are produced according to hygienic design standards and are easy to calibrate. 

Validation, high-quality documentation, and GMP conformity all ensure that our Weigh Cells are easy to use in your company and will deliver the best weighing results and therefore a smooth production process for you.