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Swiss Can Machinery Depends on Weighing Technology from WIPOTEC "We Want Only the Best Technology"

Swiss Can Machinery develops and manufactures machines and components for filling and closing cans and jars filled with powder and dry products. A major component of these filling and closing machines is the high precision WIPOTEC Weighing Technology, which is responsible for reliably ejecting all products that have an incorrect weight.

"The switch to WIPOTEC has been more than worth it to us."

Powdered milk is a difficult product to handle, especially when the filling properties can vary drastically depending on the production conditions. In addition to the unusual technical aspects of filling and closing, the weight control of the individual powdered milk cans by means of high precision weighing technology plays a decisive role. CEO Michael Grabher remembers: "Facing constantly changing start parameters in terms of the product to be processed, we were compelled to formulate special requirements, which our previous technology partner was unable to satisfy from a product line of standard balances." Contacting WIPOTEC was the next logical step.

The containers to be filled by this state-of-the-art filling and closing system are first blown out with ionized air and then sterilized while being transported through a UV tunnel. Subsequently, while still upside down, the cans reach the filling station in two lanes where they are filled and an inert gas is introduced before the missing bottom parts are attached. Immediately thereafter, the machine closes the cans (up to 80 pcs. per minute) and their weight is determined with the greatest precision.

To accomplish this, the containers move in succession to the WIPOTEC weighing belt, below which a precision Weigh Cell that performs its very accurate service is mounted. In just fractions of a second, the Weigh Cell EC-FS measures the exact weight of each can and compares the actual values to the predefined setting in the system. If the weight is correct (or within the permissible tolerance), the product remains in the lane where the goods are subsequently labeled and prepared for shipment. If, on the other hand, the weight fluctuation is too great, the WIPOTEC weighing technology activates the ejection mechanism that reliably separates the faulty unit. This process prevents products with an incorrect weight from reaching the marketplace. Taking packaging regulations into consideration, this spares the manufacturer customer complaints and costly recall actions. Furthermore, the highly accurate weight check prevents continuous overfill of the containers and saves the manufacturer valuable product content.

"With WIPOTEC as our technology partner, we are well prepared for the future."

complete production line

WIPOTEC weighing equipment 

As all Weigh Cells from technology leader WIPOTEC, this model also operates on the principle of Electro-Magnetic Force Compensation (EMFC). The basic principle can be compared to a simple beam balance. As the weight force is applied to one side of the balance, the coil installed on the other side of the balance is forced out of the magnetic field. An optical positioning system senses the smallest displacement and reports this to a high precision control system that readjusts the compensation current and restores equilibrium to the balance. This compensation current is measured through a precision resistor and further processed by a micro-processor system for immediate output as a digital weight value. WIPOTEC EMFC Weigh Cells provide the decisive advantage of having a very short settling time. They are extremely fast and supply highly accurate weight values. Furthermore, they provide space and cost savings and are easily integrated into existing systems. On request, WIPOTEC Weigh Cells can be fitted with AVC Technology (Active Vibration Compensation). AVC provides the foundation for accurate and instantaneous weight measurements even at sites that are subject to external disturbance sources (vibrations from machinery or local conditions).

"The switch to WIPOTEC has been more than paid off for us," says Michael Grabher with satisfaction. "Our customers always demand the latest technology from us so we, in turn, reach out to the best suppliers on the market." The savvy businessman most appreciates WIPOTEC's quality, flexibility, and service. Grabher highlights just how important good partnerships are for himself and his company. "With WIPOTEC as our technology partner, we are well prepared for the future."

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