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Weighing Kits for new Markets

US and Canadian machine builders rely on WIPOTEC Weighing Technology.

Around 75% of Canadian and US Weigh Cells customers are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). These OEMs produce filling machines for their end customers. The North American WIPOTEC Weighing Technology team operates in close partnership with its OEM customers to achieve optimum application performance in the specific machine configuration with the best integration of weighing technology. 

The remaining 25% of North American customers are system integrators. They typically use weighing kits, which are integrated into checkweighers.

“Our machine builder customers benefit from top-notch presales application support and a fast, personal after-sales service. The broad portfolio of integration solutions covers the most diverse application requirements. Our Weigh Cells offer a large number of communication options, which means that they can be integrated into the customer’s control systems,” says Jack Smith, Sales Director of North American WIPOTEC Weighing Technology. Together with Scott Gibson, he works closely with North American machine builder customers. Jack and Scott’s goal is to maximize their customer’s line efficiency by integrating market leading Weigh Cells.

Market-Leading Technology

WIPOTEC Weigh Cells prevail in the market as a result of their high degree in differentiation. Based on the principle of electro-magnetic force restoration, they provide the most accurate and fastest weighing technology which is impressive by reason of extremely short settling times and high repeatability. The result for the customer: the best sensor technology, enabling precise weighing results at maximum throughput. This also offers the possibility to optimize weighing-technology-relevant production processes within the line. 

MMS (Modular Multilane System) is ideally suited for multilane use and is installed particularly in filling and packaging machines. When combined with the AVC technology (Active Vibration Compensation), excellent weighing results are achieved without loss of performance, even in production environments with high levels of vibration.


„Our goal: maximum line efficiency by integrating market-leading Weigh Cells.“


WIPOTEC successfully cooperates with manufacturers of filling machines for large pharmaceutical companies in both Canada and the USA.

Their production lines require Weigh Cells that deliver high weighing precision for small products. In these applications, individual pills, capsules, syringes or vials are typically weighed. The weight of syringes and vials is measured during the filling process and in tare/gross applications, while pills and capsules are usually weighed downstream of the moulding machine.


Given the compliance with local packaging and purity regulations, pharmaceutical companies place high demands on the performance features of weighing technology.

Customers are often impressed because WIPOTEC’s weighing technology exceeds both the specified speeds of the production line and weighing accuracy in the microgram range. This also ensures sufficient reserves for future requirements.



Medical and recreational use of cannabis has been legalized at the federal level in Canada, with some local restrictions, which vary according to province and municipality. Nationwide legalization has led to the enactment of extensive federal regulations on cannabis packaging and product purity, similar to the drug laws in other countries.

Several large Canadian companies dominate the emerging legal cannabis market around the world. According to official estimates, products worth between 8 and 9.7 billion US dollars were traded on the North American cannabis market at the end of 2017. The North American market is expected to grow to 47.3 billion US dollars by 2027. In the legalized area, the share of medical marijuana is approximately 33%.

The cannabis market in Canada has opened up several new market opportunities for WIPOTEC. In 2018, the company sold a substantial number of Weigh Cells to OEMs in Canada that manufacture scales for the  cannabis processing industry. OEMs have come up with new machine concepts for cannabis packers who use WIPOTEC Weigh Cells.

These new machine concepts, which are currently in use throughout Canada, reduce the number of weighing containers required. The reduction in weighing containers creates valuable floor space which helps cannabis producers and packers to keep pace with the explosive growth in the legal cannabis market. T

he higher speed and accuracy of the OEM weighing machines facilitated by WIPOTEC Weigh Cells help manufacturers to comply with the packaging regulations, while at the same time avoiding costly overfilling. Additional opportunities are emerging for WIPOTEC as the global cannabis market continues to develop.

They include checkweighers and X-ray inspection equipment for the legal cannabis market. Since more and more countries are legalising the medical and recreational use of cannabis, serialisation and aggregation requirements similar to those of the pharmaceutical industry could soon become relevant.

In this area, WIPOTEC-OCS supplies innovative Track & Trace solutions for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and non-food industries.


Arms suppliers for the US Department of Defense (DOD) and NATO countries, including OEMs and their customers, produce under stringent security conditions. Ammunition from the smallest bullet to the largest artillery shell must be manufactured with the highest precision and accuracy.

It is essential for machines working in this sensitive production environment to be operationally reliable. OEMs serving this market segment in the USA use a number of different WIPOTEC Weigh Cells. 

The choice of weighing sensor used in a specific application depends on the type of ammunition, the machine configuration and the machine’s operating environment.

Irrespective of the special production features, the unique selling points of WIPOTEC Weigh Cells, namely accuracy, highest precision and repeatability, has led to a high level of acceptance in this segment. 
WIPOTEC Weigh Cells also provide the operational reliability which is absolutely essential in the field of ammunition production.


Where do we go from here?

As we see it, the main task in the US market and Canada is to help customers in new and emerging markets to increase efficiency in their production and packaging operations.

The flexibility and product diversity which the WIPOTEC team can offer OEMs and system integrators is unmatched in the industry.

The team and its internationally successful product range are ready to offer existing customers and potential new customers solutions for the best possible integration of weighing technology.

WIPOTEC Weighing Technology, in its role of consultant, is ready to develop the best solution in sustainable, longterm partnerships. This is the philosophy based on which the WIPOTEC Weighing Technology Team has successfully grown and will continue to grow in North America.

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