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Principles of Different Weigh Cell Technologies

Industrially manufactured products have to meet high quality standards which are most evident in relation to precision weighing. Do you rely on exact measured values in your industrial production and are high throughput rates also a production requirement? We are established experts for dynamic weighing processes and specialize in the development of ultra-fast precision Weigh Cells – produced from a monoblock.

Our customers in the industrial environment have become very familiar with a term which describes precision Weigh Cells: It is EMFR which stands for the operating principle of "Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration". EMFR Weigh Cells are mechatronic systems in which precision mechanics, analog and digital electronics and highly complex signal processing are perfectly coordinated. The aim is to detect and display the most precise measured values within a weighing process.

Strain Gauge and EMFR Weigh Cells – a Question of Speed

In our company, the ongoing development of even better analog and digital components for our Weigh Cells and extensive research in the signal processing field have resulted in the most precise Weigh Cell in the world. Commonly referred to as an EMFR Weigh Cell, we communicate this with our slogan: A Weigh Cell is better than a Load Cell. Further information about EMFR Weigh Cells can be found on the Weigh Cell pages.

Another traditional way of implementing load cells is based on the measuring principle using strain gauges. The use of weighing cell technologies employing strain gauges is the preferred method of choice when speed is a secondary consideration during weighing. This is why load cells employing strain gauges are preferred in the retail trade, for example. When implementing your weighing task we use your individual specifications as a guideline and we rely on the Weigh Cell for highly dynamic processes.

You should always choose EMFR Weigh Cells when designing extremely dynamic production processes. As a pharmaceutical producer, for example, if you have to guarantee that exact weighing results are outputted for the smallest weights, even at high speeds and high throughput rates, then you need more than just precise Weigh Cells – because you will also have to allow for the vibrations generated within a system during weighing.

Under the name AVC (Active Vibration Compensation), we have developed a technology for the active compensation of vibrations which has now proven its value for a large number of industrial customers. Are shocks and vibrations also a consideration in your production environment? Then it is worth taking a look at our information pages on the topic of AVC – Active Vibration Compensation.

PS: By the way, we also set great store by an extremely high level of vertical integration. Read more about this here.

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