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Everything from a Single Source

Reliability and quality – two important parameters that can only be bought in to a limited extent when it comes to the value chain. To rule out production backlogs and delays in the supply chain and to have all the expertise for the development and production of Weigh Cells immediately available in-house, our vertical integration is a formidable 85 %. We focus on the best possible combination of development and design. You benefit from this because you can always be sure that we will implement the precision Weigh Cell that you need, exactly to your specifications. Our strategy for the production of Weigh Cells, which is to bundle all sub disciplines in one company, ends in a value chain that encourages innovative strength and guarantees you fast results. In addition to the subsections of basic research and development, our plant in Kaiserslautern also brings together project planning, electronics production, the whole design, production and last but not least sales and service. This makes us your strong partner for solutions with high-performance Weigh Cells and a fast, reliable supplier of your customized developments.

The importance of innovative strength in our daily work can be seen in the field of electronics production, for example. We now produce more than 350 electronic printed board assemblies in our in-house electronics production section. Producing our own control systems and PCs, displays or camera systems for X-ray or Track & Trace allows us to respond flexibly to almost any customer request during the conception of a Weigh Cell and to keep specific technical requirements in mind. Our demands are similarly high with regard to in-house machining. We can produce more than 40 kinds of monoblocks to implement the Weigh Cell you specify, exactly as you need it.

Our qualitative and quantitative standards are high – we now produce more than 9,000 different components and parts in our plant. And the trend is upwards. These are innovative product and integration solutions which are developed on a daily basis at our parent works in Kaiserslautern and built with great respect for the high-quality art of German engineering.

The heart of all technologies: our Weigh Cells. Designed according to the principle of electro-magnetic force restoration, it is the EMFR Weigh Cell that customers the world over appreciate for precise results during demanding static and dynamic weighing tasks. We are happy to help if you, too, would like an appreciative partner to implement your technical ideas promptly and without cross-dependencies.


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