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Weighing Principle (EMFR)
and Active Vibration Compensation (AVC)

The principle of electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR) is a combination of electrical and mechanical components. The design of EMFR Weigh Cells is based on a balance mechanism. It consists of a position indicator, a controller and an electro-magnetic drive (coil and permanent magnet). In its functionality, the Weigh Cell can be compared to a simple beam balance. If a weight is placed on one side of the beam, the opposite side of the weighing beam attempts to move out of the magnet's magnetic field. The position indicator detects this deviation and the amount of current required for balancing the beam and ensuring that no position change can occur is transmitted through the coil. As the current is proportional to the weight and can be measured via a resistor, it can be converted into a digital signal which is used for further processing.

Using this operating principle of electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR), it is possible with such a Weigh Cell to achieve high resolutions and good repeatability together with the shortest measuring times. We are continuously enhancing the magnet system, the electronics with scanning circuits, controller boards and measured value determination, as well as specific communication interfaces. The result is a Weigh Cell that enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the world under the slogan "A Weigh Cell is better than a load cell". However, this is still not everything that makes our Weigh Cells so unique: we also offer you the option of AVC (Active Vibration Compensation) technology.

AVC White Paper

Weigh Cell integration

Various installation options

Filtering out Vibrations Three-Dimensionally with AVC

The proprietary Active Vibration Compensation (AVC), is a sensor-based measurement technology that compensates all types of vibrations in production processes. AVC sensors are available separately to complement our Weigh Cells but they are also installed as standard components in Weigh Cells which in turn are based on milled aluminum monoblocks. As a result, the combination of Active Vibration Compensation (AVC sensor) and Weigh Cell guarantees reliable, exact measured values even when exposed to severe vibrations, such as may occur in production plants. The Active Vibration Compensation (AVC sensor) provides you with exact measured values, without any loss of time or quality, even in demanding production environments.

This is made possible by the ability of the Active Vibration Compensation sensor (AVC) to filter out one-off impulse forces acting on the Weigh Cell such as are reached in feed axes due to high accelerations or disturbing forces which often act on the foundations of a production line.

But that is not all: the sensor for Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) effectively filters out even the smallest vibrations, such as those caused by drive units of machines or due to imbalance forces, at the Weigh Cell.

Technically, this is achieved as follows: Active Vibration Compensation sensors detect tilting to the left and right, backwards and forwards and all upward and downward movements. All three axes of the sensor for active vibration compensation (AVC sensor) are covered.

Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) takes the pressure off you as a company because there is no need to include parameters such as shocks and vibrations in the planning, design and implementation of a production plant. In fact, even at the planning stage you can rely on exact measured values and be sure that regional environmental parameters such as geographical vibrations are taken into account. This also applies to the floor condition of a hall, the physical structure of buildings or simply factors that cannot be planned for, such as a forklift passing a line.

All in all, the technologies behind the Weigh Cell and Active Vibration Compensation always guarantee an exact weighing result – both at high speeds and with difficult environmental parameters. You can rely on the best product quality, delivered in black and white: as real production data, minus all disruptive influences. If you want to weigh quickly and precisely in high-vibration environments, then you have come to the right place at WIPOTEC.


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