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WIPOTEC Advantages

Connection options

Regardless of the installation position, the option to design the interface connection at the rear or on the bottom ensures that our Weigh Cells adapt to your machine concept. The optional straight or angled connector completes the flexible connection options.

Whether your machine communicates via CAN, RS 422, Profibus DP, Profinet IO, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT or Powerlink, our Weigh Cells speak the same language.

Installation options

Your machine position doesn’t permit you to screw through the mounting plate from below? This is where our mounting flange, optionally on top or at the bottom, helps with installation.

Wide variety

With Weigh Cells, the load is usually introduced from above. Do you have an innovative idea and need to introduce the load from the front? Or would you like to flip the Weigh Cells over and use them in upside down operation? You’ve come to the right place with us.

Self Check

Do you want to be able to check the WIPOTEC Weigh Cell is working properly at any time? For this we’ve integrated a test weight.

Wash Down

Do you think that WIPOTEC Weigh Cells can’t be wet cleaned because they’re high-precision weighing systems? We’ve developed Weigh Cells that meet protection class IP65 in cleaning mode. We can even cover IP69K applications with the right Weigh Cell from our extensive range.

Sampling rate

A sampling rate with 1000 measured values per second makes our Weigh Cells the fastest for industrial use. At high throughputs, we determine the maximum possible number of individual weight values which ensures a precise weighing result even with short measuring times. Your task isn’t a highspeed application? No problem, there’s no harm in having more measuring points for the correct weighing result. Either way, a more precise weighing result will minimise your giveaway and help increase your machine performance.

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