Find your Weigh Cell

Our Weigh Cells find application in all industrial production processes.

Among these are integration in checkweighers and filling/dosage machines, as well as installation in packing machines of every kind.

Product finder

You find the appropriate weigh cell(s) for your application via the following filters.

(All measurements in g).

Filtering for maximum measuring ranges from 0.25 g to 120,000 g

Filtering by a display value with increased resolution between 0.000001 g and 2 g

Filtering by a maximum preload additive to the measuring range between 1 g and 150,000 g

SX-M-FS SX-M 30/60-FS30500.00005
SX-M-FS SX-M 60/60-FS60500.0001
SL-M-FS SL-M 20/50-FS20500.00005
SL-M-FS SL-M 50/50-FS50500.0001
SL-M-FS SL-M 100/150-FS1001500.0002
SL-M-FS SL-M 250/300-FS2503000.0005
SL-M-FS SL-M 500/300-FS5003000.001
SL-M-FS SL-M 1000/600-FS10006000.002
SW-M-FS SW-M 1000/600-FS10006000.002
SW-M-FS SW-M 2000/600-FS20006000.005
SL-FS SL 250/150-FS25050-1500.001
SL-FS SL 1000/350-FS25050-3500.005
SW-FS SW 20/150-FS201500.00005
SW-FS SW 50/300-FS503000.0001
SW-FS SW 100/400-FS1004000.0002
SW-FS SW 200/600-FS2006000.0005
SW-FS SW 500/1000-FS50010000.001
SW-FS SW 1000/1000-FS100010000.002
SW-FS SW 2000/2000-FS200020000.005
SW-D-FS SW 20/150-D-FS201500.00005
SW-D-FS SW 50/300-D-FS503000.0001
SW-D-FS SW 100/400-D-FS1004000.0002
SW-D-FS SW 200/600-D-FS2006000.0005
SW-D-FS SW 500/1000-D-FS50010000.001
SW-D-FS SW 1000/1000-D-FS100010000.002
SW-D-FS SW 2000/2000-D-FS200020000.005
SW-D-FS-EX SW 100/400-D-FS-EX1004000.001
SW-D-FS-EX SW 200/600-D-FS-EX2006000.001
SW-D-FS-EX SW 500/1000-D-FS-EX50010000.001
SW-D-FS-EX SW 1000/1000-D-FS-EX100010000.002
SW-D-FS-EX SW 2000/2000-D-FS-EX200020000.005
SW-WD-FS SW 2000/1000-WD-FS200010000.05
EC-FS EC 2000/2-FS75040000.01
EC-FS EC 3000/3-FS150085000.02
EC-FS EC 4000/3-FS3750150000.05
EC-FS EC 4000/2-FS7500150000.1
EC-FS EC 4000/1-FS15000150000.2
EC-FS-AVC EC 2000-2-FS-AVC75025000.01
EC-FS-AVC EC 3000-3-FS-AVC150050000.02
EC-FS-AVC EC 3000-2-FS-AVC375085000.05
EC-FS-AVC EC 3000-1-FS-AVC750075000.1
EC-ES-FS EC 4000-3-ES-FS3750120000.05
EC-ES-FS EC 4000-2-ES-FS7500150000.1
IW-B-FS IW-B 30k-FS6000600000.1
IW-B-FS IW-B 30k-FS12000600000.2
IW-B-FS IW-B 60k-FS30000600000.5
IW-B-FS IW-B 60k-FS60000300001
IW-B-FS IW-B 150k-FS300001500000.5
IW-B-FS IW-B 150k-FS600001500001
IW-B-FS IW-B 150k-FS1200001500002
MTC-AW-FS MTC-AW-0.25/1-FS0.2510.000001
MTC-AW-FS MTC-AW-0.5/2.5-FS0.51-2.50.000002
MTC-AW-FS MTC-AW-1/5-FS11-50.00001
MTC-FS MTC 1/5-FS11-50.00001
MTC-FS MTC 2/10-FS25-100.0001
MTC-FS MTC 10/30-FS1010-300.0002
MTC-FS MTC 50/30-FS5010-300.0005
MTC-HL-FS MTC-HL-250/100-FS25050-1000.001


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