The series SW-D-FS Weigh Cells cover the weighing range up to 2,000 g. They have been specifically designed as compact sensor components, meaning they are especially suited for installation into multi-track applications and everywhere where small frame sizes are demanded.

Weighing range · Display value · Dead load · Protection class


  • Weighing range up to 2,000 g, covered by 7 models
  • Additive dead load range up to 2,000 g
  • Docking station
  • Slim construction
  • Multi-track applications starting from 72 mm centerline distance

Models of series SW-D-FS

ModelWeighing rangeDead loadDisplay value
SW 20/150-D-FS20 g150 g0.00005 g
SW 50/300-D-FS50 g300 g0.0001 g
SW 100/400-D-FS100 g400 g0.0002 g
SW 200/600-D-FS200 g600 g0.0005 g
SW 500/1000-D-FS500 g1,000 g0.001 g
SW 1000/1000-D-FS1,000 g1,000 g0.002 g
SW 2000/2000-D-FS2,000 g2,000 g0.005 g

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