High tech for individual use

Without any debate the specific needs of the customers are the most crucial factor in the development of our product range. The Weigh Cell is the heart of a comprehensive portfolio that also comprises infeed, outfeed and weighing conveyors in lightweight design that can easily be integrated into your machines.
Numerous combinations of these components can be used to build sorting and weighing kits that are
ideally suited to meet your requirements. From basic sorting tasks to high-speed weighing and from automated special applications to dynamic weighing - everything is possible.

  • A variety of single and multi-track weighing system solutions
  • Custom integration of Weigh Cells in machines and other equipment
  • Flexible connections to control systems provided by the customer
  • Accurate weighing in difficult environments
  • Fast applications with up to 600 products per minute
  • Professional customer-specific support
  • Modular product portfolio
  • High degree of manufacturing depth - from component board assembly to complete units

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