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WIPOTEC Group celebrates 30th Anniversary

From spin-off to a market leader

Almost exactly to the day 30 years ago in Kaiserslautern, Theo Düppre and Udo Wagner founded WIPOTEC in September 1988 as a spin-off of the university. The idea and realization of a fast weigh cell in monoblock architecture resulted in a group of companies whose name is now inseparably linked to dynamic weighing technology and inspection systems. Today, the WIPOTEC Group employs over 1,000 people worldwide, 700 of them at its headquarters in Kaiserslautern. WIPOTEC is thus the fastest growing company in Barbarossa´s City.

On 14 September, the company celebrates its anniversary in Kaiserslautern with an anniversary celebration commemorating the company's foundation 30 years ago and tracing the path it has taken so far. Invited are all WIPOTEC employees, business partners and companions of the company.

A retrospective in pictures

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