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Packaging machines benefit from high precision, WIPOTEC weighing technology
Swiss Precision "Made by WIPOTEC"

Paxmatic is a highly specialized equipment engineering company located in Haldenstein, Switzerland. In order to provide its customers with custom designed packaging machines and systems with the highest engineering standards, the company relies on high precision weighing technology from WIPOTEC.

„High precision weight check for completeness control“

Founded in 1890, Paxmatic is currently one of the leading special equipment manufacturers and has a worldwide customer base. Markus Trüssel is a member of the management board at Paxmatic and responsible for production. The initial contact to WIPOTEC, the technology leader in the field of dynamic weighing, came as a result of Trüssel's search for even more accurate weighing results. "In the past," said the Head of Production, "we achieved our weight values by means of wire strain gauges. It became clear to the management and customers alike that this approach over time could no longer keep pace in terms of precision with the technical advances being made to the Paxmatic machines. Trüssel added, "WIPOTEC was known to us as a supplier of high precision weighing technology since visiting them at an industry trade show, so the contact was only natural."

Among the products manufactured in Haldenstein by Paxmatic are the inclined bag packaging machines, which are used to pack product kits like the famous toy figures or electric milk pumps. The individual parts are fed through a funnel to the machine which combines them in a packing bag and then seals it. The individual packaging units are transported on a bag conveyor until they arrive at the WIPOTEC weighing belt. This is where the completeness control is performed by immediately determining the weight values with great accuracy. The precision Weigh Cell of Type EC-FS, installed directly below the weighing belt, instantaneously determines the exact weight of each bag down to one one hundredth of a gram. If the actual weight does not correspond exactly with the predetermined setting, the respective kit is incomplete. In this case, each bag identified with an incorrect weight is reliably ejected from the conveyor and is transported in the opposite direction of the compliant goods. 

„PAXMATIC beschreibt WIPOTEC als technischen Glücksgriff“

high precision weighing control

PAXMATIC plant in Haldenstein

product feed from above

As all Weigh Cells from technology leader WIPOTEC, this model also operates on the principle of electro-magnetic force compensation (EMFC). The basic principle can be compared to a simple beam balance. As the weight force is applied to one side of the balance, the coil installed on the other side of the balance is forced out of the magnetic field. An optical positioning system senses the smallest displacement and reports this to a high precision control system that readjusts the compensation current and restores equilibrium to the balance. This compensation current is measured through a precision resistor and further processed by a micro-processor system for immediate output as a digital weight value. WIPOTEC EMFC Weigh Cells provide the decisive advantage of having a very short settling time. They are extremely fast and supply highly accurate weight values. Furthermore, they provide space and cost savings and are easily integrated into existing systems. On request, WIPOTEC Weigh Cells can be fitted with AVC Technology (Active Vibration Compensation). AVC provides the foundation for accurate and instantaneous weight measurements even at sites that are subject to external disturbance sources (vibrations from machinery or local conditions).

"The discovery and use of WIPOTEC's weighing technology was something of a technical stroke of luck for Paxmatic," concluded sales manager Daniel Gschwend, who sees the proverbial Swiss precision realized in cooperation with the German weighing specialists. Markus Trüssel characterizes the successful cooperation in this way: "We can meet the highest standards in terms of accuracy thanks to WIPOTEC weighing technology. Above all, our customers are the ones who gain the most from this." Because of the robust design and user friendly operation (from the control panel of the packaging machine), Trüssel summed it up with these words of praise: "We are so convinced by the results that we now use only WIPOTEC weighing technology. We have already placed the next order."

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